Why every business needs a freelance content writer

Recently, the online marketing industry has peaked and no business can function without it, why? Because everyone, including your target audience; are consumed in the digital word. This includes social media, emails, blogs and websites- if you don’t have a decent online presence, your business will suffer and your competitors will gain those all important sales!

If you are a business owner, you will most likely be busy with all kinds of tasks, most of which you’ll be good at, but are you a professional writer, tech savvy, or know the importance of SEO?

Here’s a few reasons why you should invest in me as your freelance content writer!

Time: If you do have the skills, have you got the time to do it properly?

Hiring me as your freelance content writer and/or manager will save you time to complete the tasks you enjoy doing!

Having regular, shareable content means you will get noticed in front of your competitors; but this takes as much time as a full-time job- have you got the time? Probably not, that’s why you should leave it to me and I will focus on increasing your site rankings and conversions!

I will do this by creating regular, interesting and valuable content for your audience on all digital platforms; maybe some you didn’t even know about!

Passion: ‘The difference between good and great is passion.’

I love the digital world, writing and getting your story across to the people who want it!

I am very good at getting to know a wide range of businesses and more often than not, I will become as passionate about it as you are!

‘People do not buy products. They buy emotions.’

My passion for your brand will shine through my writing. This will enable me to create fulfilling, entertaining and persuasive content; keeping visitors on your website for longer, increasing the chances of them bookmarking, linking to or sharing out your content, or even better- they press the ‘Buy now’ button!

Research: I will get to know your industry with a fresh view point, find out what it is your followers want to hear about and I will craft your content around this, with SEO in mind of course.

In order to get your brand in front of competitors, you need to hold the masses- this means you need to have a good amount of  Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Instagram followers, Pinterest etc… and you need to keep them up to date, with a continual stream of information that is compelling, creative, interesting and relevant. Have you got the time to do this? No, no you haven’t- unless you’re a superhero!

Throwing the odd irrelevant Tweet to your followers simply isn’t enough, there’s a tonne of ways to reach a larger audience on social media and all of this takes research and time commitment- let me do it for you!

Let me tell your story through the power of digital content!

Contact me for a personal quote by emailing: hello@krissieclaire.co.uk or call me: 07572073819

I look forward to hearing from you!