Tired of your bikini falling off in the surf? We have a solution #keepyourboobsin


Stien and I have been friends for a while now and I am constantly inspired by her motivation for her business. I am always excited to see which new brand she brings to her website and every single brand, I fall in love with!

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Getting to know Philly Lewis, featuring yoga poses to improve your surfing!

When did you first start practising yoga?

I started yoga a couple of years ago, my sister introduced me but I didn’t really connect with it that well. I started classes and then moved on to my own practice where I found I could be more creative and more energetic with my yoga. Then I really started to practice every day.

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has changed everything about my life, it’s changed my mindset, my body and the way I live everyday. It has taught me so much; to embrace life at it’s fullest, to go with the flow and to trust in the world. I don’t worry or stress as much. I am a much happier person (if that was possible) and yoga has taken me on a path that feels completely right. It’s also made me stronger and healthier but that’s just a bonus.

Do you surf and do you recommend yoga to help surfers progress? if so, why?

I do surf a little, I love being in the sea. And YES yoga is probably the best thing for surfing, or for any sport at all. You learn all about the muscles your using, the ones your not, your weak areas, your strong areas and you become so much more flexible meaning a better range of movement for whatever sport.

In surfing, opening the shoulders and hips can improve movement when in the water. And you need all the movement you can get. It also engages your core, meaning faster pop ups and generally stronger movements all round. A lot of yoga poses also use the exact same muscles we use in surfing, so it’s perfect to strengthen the right areas. Oh and your balance improves crazy amounts!

Which yoga poses do you recommend for surfers?

All of them! But if I was to specify, any hip openers so lizard pose, pigeon pose and lotus. Eagle pose is great for balance and the shoulders. Downward dog is the pose of all poses.

Philly’s Surf & Yoga Retreat is called ‘Wild and Free Retreats’ featuring professional surfer Alan Stokes as surf instructor and Philly as yoga teacher. Retreats are in tropical locations like Morocco and Costa Rica! Lush.

Visit their website for more information: http://www.wildandfreeretreats.com/

Thanks Philly, we love you!


Could you live a week or more Offline…?

Offline Surf & Yoga Retreat, Portugal

Do you have the willpower to disconnect from the world of technology? Ahhh that would be absolute bliss.

Sometimes it is difficult to switch off, I am guilty of it too but when I am Surfing or partaking in a Yoga session, my mind retreats to another world, a quiet world…

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Yoga from Philly J Lewis. Animal UK.


[Philly tells us…]

‘The physical side to yoga expels toxins, re-energizes the body, increases mobility, posture, brings relief to many chronic conditions, creates stronger bones and helps matain a healthy weight and lifestyle…

Mentally, the breathing relaxes the mind, helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout the body, lowers stress level, promotes a feeling of peace, improves focus and concentration, and helps to stay centred throughout life.’

Phillly Lewis is a yoga teacher, freelance photographer, surfer, wanderer and just an absolutely beautiful person inside and out.

We met through being involved with The Wave Project, a charity who teach individuals to surf who suffer from anxiety and mental health, using surfing as a therapy.

Philly is based in Cornwall sponsored by Animal UK. Philly is constantly travelling for her love of work and sharing her passions whilst working with many established brands.

[Morocco and Costa Rica…]

Philly and her partner Alan Stokes (sponsored surfer) are running Surf & Yoga Retreats in Morocco and Costa Rica. Take a peek here.