I realised I needed to pursue my interest in writing and digital marketing after starting my own blog and online shop. I really enjoyed writing about unique businesses which stood out to me and I developed a huge passion in analysing data to find out what worked and what didn’t work for particular companies and their target audience.

I later joined a web and marketing agency,Β working as a Digital Marketing Executive. Whilst working for this agency, I worked with a diverse range of clients in industries such as; Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Arts, Retail, Sports and Lifestyle.

I managed and created content for their social media accounts, websites, email newsletters and blogs.

Some of the clients I worked with, designing and creating their Digital Marketing content:









Walk Slovenia



Martin Shelton: Managing Director at Unleashed Web Solutions and Digital Marketing

“Krissie has worked as an important part of our marketing team. During this time she has demonstrated a good understanding of a wide range of digital marketing skills including content-generation, blogging, social media, email marketing and client account management. Krissie has produced a great deal of good quality written content in her time with us. Krissie has been a popular and well-regarded member of our team.”

Since being freelance:Β