Yoga from Philly J Lewis. Animal UK.


[Philly tells us…]

‘The physical side to yoga expels toxins, re-energizes the body, increases mobility, posture, brings relief to many chronic conditions, creates stronger bones and helps matain a healthy weight and lifestyle…

Mentally, the breathing relaxes the mind, helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout the body, lowers stress level, promotes a feeling of peace, improves focus and concentration, and helps to stay centred throughout life.’

Phillly Lewis is a yoga teacher, freelance photographer, surfer, wanderer and just an absolutely beautiful person inside and out.

We met through being involved with The Wave Project, a charity who teach individuals to surf who suffer from anxiety and mental health, using surfing as a therapy.

Philly is based in Cornwall sponsored by Animal UK. Philly is constantly travelling for her love of work and sharing her passions whilst working with many established brands.

[Morocco and Costa Rica…]

Philly and her partner Alan Stokes (sponsored surfer) are running Surf & Yoga Retreats in Morocco and Costa Rica. Take a peek here.

How to make a career from surfing.

Surf Coach, Gemma Harris tells us how she made a career from surfing which is of course every surfers dream…

Hi Gemma! Where did you grow up and who introduced you to surfing?

‘I was brought up in South Wales in a surfing family, my dad made surfboards, my brother a champion shortboarder and longboarder and my mum was my lift to the beach and beach babe.
I therefore grew up loving the ocean and the beach. I’d go on lots of surf trips up and down Europe with my parents.’

Have you always been a surfer?

‘No actually. I competed at international and national level as a competitive bodyboarder, my highest rankings being 10th in the world and 2nd in Europe.
I travelled all over the world to compete; Australia,  South Africa, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and central America to name just a few.’

What was it that gave you the motivation to keep getting into the water?

‘Having a twin brother who surfed gave me my competitive drive and at the age of 19 (relatively late), I started surfing more than bodyboarding. I felt I’d got to the peak of bodyboarding and wanted a new challenge in the water.’

So you’ve converted from a sponger to a surfer forever?

‘I love surfing, I feel like I’m constantly learning and I have a completely different view of the wave from bodyboarding. However, if the waves get huge and it’s a 6ft hollow dredging peak on a slab, I’d take out my body board, but I’m a total convert to surfing these days.’

Has surfing continued to take you all over the world like bodyboarding did?

‘Travelling comes hand in hand with surfing and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities surfing has given me.
Of course travel is not cheap so to help fund my travels, I began lifeguarding the beaches of Cornwall, it gave me the chance to train and surf all summer. This is the closet thing to being paid to surf :-).’

How has surfing changed your life?

‘I felt I wanted to give back to surfing and show others what surfing has shown me; opportunity, lifestyle and most of all fun.
I trained and coached the Jr Welsh team and got involved with developing a local surf lifesaving club.
I also started my own surf school in Cornwall. The Surf School and I got involved with the Wave Project UK, which was in the very beginning stages of starting up one of the most rewarding surf schemes I’ve been involved with. The Wave Project supports children from difficult backgrounds to experience surfing and escape the everyday. It was a great success.’

After a few years the travel bug bit again, so I left the surf school and headed for tropical shores; Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Australia and Indonesia.

What are you doing at the moment?

‘I have been travelling and working for Outer Reef, my fiancée’s company all over Europe. I have been training new ISA coaches and SLSGB lifesaving to become surf coaches at the best surf camps in Europe.
As well as this, I have been doing some private coaching in the Channel Islands. I also coach all levels at the Outer Reef Surf and SUP school in Pembrokeshire Wales.’

As a Female surfer, do you have any female specific retreats?

‘Yes. Outer Reef runs a women’s only surf & sup weekend that is aimed at all abilities. These weekends are run in a friendly, safe and laid back environment with top quality equipment supplied by Billabong.
…I love working with the ladies, it sometimes feels like I don’t have a job!’

What other hobbies do you have?

‘I enjoy Yoga and Stand up Paddle boarding around the coast of west Wales as part of my amazing job, and generally being active outside.
I love the Ocean and love to surf so I guess I’m living the dream. :)’

All dates for the women’s weekends and ISA coaching / beach lifeguard awards can be found on the Web site

Clean Eating, Surfers Breakfast

Raw Chocolate Granola

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, everyone knows that!

Before you go surfing it’s a good idea to have a proper brekky full of healthy carbs that will keep you going for a while when you’re in the water.

To be fully prepared for a good surf session, have some coconut yoghurt with this magical pre surf raw chocolate granola for extra paddle power.

Topped with banana this is the perfect energy source you’ll need. Here is the amazing recipe; you will need a dehydrator or an oven that you can put on a very low temperature.


☼ 3 cups of sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat berries

☼ 3 medjool dates

☼ 1 tbsp raw cocoa

☼ 1 cup soaked, mixed nuts (I used pecan, walnut, cashew and sunflower seed)

☼ 1 banana

☼ a dash of cinnamon

☼ a dash of sea salt

☼ little bit of water

Of course you can add anything you like, I think shredded coconut would be nice with this mix too, or some pumpkin seeds. Basically, I just used the above because it was in my kitchen!


Put the soaked nuts in a kitchen machine and chop them up. Put them in a bowl and leave them for later.

Now put the dates, cocoa, banana, cinnamon, sea salt and a little bit of water in your kitchen machine and pulse till you get a nice, creamy chocolate cream. If the cream is not sweet enough, you can add raw honey, stevia or any other sweetener you like.

Add the chocolate cream to the shredded nuts and put the buckwheat berries in the mix too. Stir until well combined and spread the mixture on the teflex covered trays of your dehydrator (or on your oven tray lined with baking paper). Dehydrate until crispy, I usually make this in the evening and it will be ready in the morning. If you are using the oven, set the temp on 48 degrees or lower.

Once crispy, grab a nice bowl and combine the raw granola with your favorite plant based mylk, plant based yoghurt or smoothie. Finish of with some sliced banana and other toppings such as chia seeds, shredded coconut or fresh fruit.

Enjoy and surf your brains out!

Dutch / English Niki Liskov is no lifestyle guru, hot surfer girl, militant vegan or rigid yogi. She does however happen to love the good life, is a surf teacher, does not like to hurt animals and the planet and enjoys a good stretch. On her blog & instagram she gives us a glimpse of her daily life. Nikis blog:

Instagram: @_liskov_

By Niki Liskov.