Surf therapy?

Surf therapy at its best…

Is surf therapy a thing?

So it has taken me a lifetime to finally get the courage to publish this, I’m feeling very vulnerable and exposed as it is something I don’t really talk about to friends or even family… Whaaat! Now I’m about to tell the world in the hope that it might help maybe one other person?!

So I’m gonna press ‘Publish’, run away and hide, BYEE.

There is something about surfing, it is very addictive, you feel free and nothing else matters. All that matters is the feeling of your feet being submerged in the water whilst you wait for the sets to roll in. That refreshing feeling of water on your face and pure joy when you stand up and surf, the feeling under your feet is indescribable. It isn’t always perfect, don’t get me wrong but overcoming the elements and fear is pretty amazing and wipe outs are all part of the fun, right?

Unlike your average UK surfer interview you see in magazines like ‘Surf Girl’, ‘Carve’ or ‘Wave Length’, I grew up in a totally non-coastal area in the UK. In fact we were living 8 miles from a shop, in a little village. Living in a little cottage house, an old farm down a mile long track, far from everything. We had two sheep, chickens, damson trees and three beautiful cats, not a surfboard in site.

My hobbies included climbing trees, rolling myself down grassy hills, swimming in rivers, feeding the sheep, cuddling the cats, building kit cars, singing and dancing to Queen, Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. Oh and selling ice creams to walkers passing by (entrepreneur in the making).


Primary School was great, (even if it was 8 miles away from where we lived), I swam for my school and ran Cross Country for my town and had some great friends.
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I found something really special…

I am completely obsessed with turquoise. Mainly because it reminds me of the ocean but also because it looks so gorgeous matched with silver and looks stunning as jewellery… what girl doesn’t like jewellery?
Silversmith, Kendall Cutmore agrees! I came across her Instagram account about a week ago and fell in love with her handmade jewellery. I just felt the need to write to ensure everyone hears about her and her jewellery!
We interviewed her a few days ago to find out more…

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#cleaneating #fitfam

So it will be exactly two months tomorrow that I fell off my skateboard and broke my ankle, as well as damaging all my ligaments.

I am on my way to recovery and will hopefully be walking again after my op on Wednesday 14th Sept to remove the screw! Yay!

This means I am now looking forward and have started to plan my ‘normal’ life again. I’ve got all this motivation and energy and I’m determined to become a better version of me who looks after herself more.

ideally back to this …

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Tired of your bikini falling off in the surf? We have a solution #keepyourboobsin


Stien and I have been friends for a while now and I am constantly inspired by her motivation for her business. I am always excited to see which new brand she brings to her website and every single brand, I fall in love with!

Stien aims to bring comfortable and supportive surf bikinis and leggings to women who like to be active in and out of the water. To keep them confident whatever shape or size. The aim is to offer independent labels who keep their heart close to the sport they love, designed by women for women and to choose quality over quantity.

Surf girls and yogi ladies, be prepared to fall in love…

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#girlboss #surfwhenyoulike #soi55lifestylebrand

Beach lover and travelling enthusiast, Candy Tomkins and her amazing new venture.

I met Candy whilst being involved with a charity called The Wave Project which provides free surf lessons to individuals with disabilities. The moment I met Candy I could tell she was full of life and ambition…

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Who loves RETRO clothing and independent brands? WE DO!…

The Cove Boutique! My absolute favourite clothing shop, located in Barnstaple, North Devon.
I have spent millions of dollars at this shop and I’m pretty sure you will too! Chay and Amy are awesome people which makes it even easier to fall in love with the place.. It isn’t just a shop, it’s so much more than that…

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Oops I did it again…!

So… I’ve done it again! I can’t believe it.

I have bought yet another item online.

This time it’s worse, well it isn’t worse, it’s actually the most beautiful thing I have ever purchased since having a broken ankle… Continue reading “Oops I did it again…!”