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Hi there! Welcome to KrisSea!

KrisSea is an online Ocean Lifestyle Blog.

We aim to write about all things which make us smile and hopefully make you smile too. 

Featuring all things with a relation to the beach, surfing, skateboarding and yoga.

We support British, hand-crafted, eco-friendly products, surf and yoga events, charities and independent clothing brands. 

Our blog features; professional surfers, yogis and ocean specific personal trainers with their top tips just for you!

We aim to inform you about the best surf & yoga retreats, surf and yoga jobs, surf fitness and yoga routines.

We have some very creative individuals on-board who we adore! If you think you would fit our ethos or  would like to collaborate please register your interest here.

KrisSea was founded by Krissie Leyland. Krissie is completely and utterly in love with the Sea, Surfing, Travelling, Art, Yoga and the Environment around us.

'In 2011 I had my first surf lesson and began to immerse myself in the surf culture and lifestyle. I’ve never looked back!
'I’ve travelled Europe, and lived in America and Australia to surf. I now live in North Devon and am still hooked on surfing and the lifestyle that comes with it. I'm super passionate about the ocean, travel and culture and want this to come across in the products that I promote and sell.'
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‘Think big, buy Small!'

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